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International Network of Engineers and Scientists for Global Responsibility

INES is an Organisation of Scientists and Engineers That Promotes Global Responsibility for Peace and Sustainability.


Jack Steinberger

Jack Steinberger (*1921), Bad Kissingen 2008 Foto©Sigismund von Dobschütz


“I appreciate very much the focus of INES on societal questions for which scientific understanding is fundamental, such as nuclear weapon disarmament as well as the question of the future of energy and climate. I also appreciate the information on these questions which it disseminates, and its efforts to transmit this information to governments.”

INES member Prof. Jack Steinberger, Physics Nobel Laureate 1988




Joseph Rotblat

Joseph Rotblat Photo: © The Nobel Foundation

“In the course of some thousands of years the human species has established a great civilization. It has produced a multifarious culture which accumulated enormous treasures in art and literature. And it has created supreme edifices of science. Therefore, it is of supreme irony that these very developments, intellectual developments of the human species have lead to the creation of the tools of its self-destruction. There are many ways in which life on this planet can be extinguished. Of course there is the slow lingering death by poisoning the environment … But there is also a way of extinguishing life in one act. That is made possible by the advent of nuclear weapons.”

Nobel Laureate Joseph Rotblat was a founding member of INES.
The above quote is from his closing words of the 1996 INES Conference, “Challenges of Sustainable Development”, Amsterdam, 22-25 August 1996.

See an interview with Joseph Rotblat publishes by BBC radio: Great Lives in January 2012 here: www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b0194mxs/Great_Lives_Series_26_Joseph_Rotblat/#programme-info