New INES Website – Work in progress

We are changeing not only the website from to, we have also changed the cms to wordpress. The structure of the site haven’t changed. Until the whole content will be moved, menus marked with a * or have a year before 2016 in it are going to the old website.

INES is supporter of the IPB World Congress 2016 in Berlin

header-logo-berlin-congressThe International Peace Bureau has worked for over 10 years to develop a program on Disarmament for Sustainable Development, with a primary topic being military and social spending. In 2011 we launched the Global Day of Action on Military Spending and in late 2014 a year-round Global Campaign on Military Spending.

The program is now

INES will organize three workshops on the World Congress in Berlin.

Military Research and Responsibility of Scientists

The Nuclear-Climate Nexus and Sustainable Peace

Global Missile Defense and Weapons in Space